Paintings of Human.

When I saw the documentary Human, made by Yann Arthus Bertrand on YouTube in 2016, I knew that I had to paint those people. So many beautiful or sad stories to tell, with so many emotions to express from people all over the world.

Paintings of Elephants.

Why Elephants? Elephants are the only mammal on earth who are controling cancer. They have 20 genes anti-cancer, Human have 2 (!) of these genes. This gives the Elephants the possibility to kill the cancer when it starts in their body.



Paintings of Family.

Painting the people around you, the people you share your life with. All those moments you don’t want to forget. Those moments will stay longer in a painting and they can be important as a memory.




Paintings of Birds.

I love birds, when you look at them, the movements they make, the freedom you can feel and of course the spectacular sounds they make and the beautiful colors they have.



Paintings of French people and others.

Living in France means living between the French, with other habits than what you are used to. That makes them interesting to me, never too late to learn something different.